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Doctors of Bangladesh. Largest Doctors & Medical Service Portal in Bangladesh. Search for your Essential Bangladeshi Doctors.

Dr. Shafi
Reproductive Health Maternal and Child Health Family Planning in Bangladesh. A Pilot Development and Preliminary Assessment of MCH Handbook in Bangladesh - For the Quality of MCH Services. Dr.Shafi Ullah Bhuiyan MBBS(Dhaka); MPH (Thailand), PhD Candidate, Osaka University, Japan.
Environmental health disaster -- millions in Bengal are drinking arsenic contaminated ground water. An environmental health disaster is unfolding in West Bengal and Bangladesh. Tens of millions of persons in many districts are drinking ground water with arsenic concentrations far above acceptable levels. Thousands of people have already been diagnosed with poisoning symptoms, even though much of the at-risk population has not yet been assessed for arsenic-related health problems.

Thanarbaid Health Care Centre
A rural health movement, promoting health for all people by involving the rural poor in their own healthcare. The centre is located in the village of Thanarbaid (pronounced TAHN-ar-bide) in rural Bangladesh. It is set in an elevated and wooded area interspersed with wet rice and pineapple fields. The centre serves an extremely poor population which would otherwise have almost no health care.
Bangladesh Blood Donors is Not-for-Profit initiative taken by HRIDS (Human Rights Information & Development Society), a Non Government Organization (Registered under The Society Registration Act of 1860) working towards facilitating the communication between blood donors and recipients since 2001. Initially the activities of Bangladesh Blood Donors was limited to a dedicated website where voluntary donors could register their contact details for public viewing so that relatives/friends of recipients could browse the database and find a donor in his/her locality. The operation was conducted from a home-based office. Recently the operation has been scaled up to increase the size of the database to cater to the ever-increasing demand for safe blood in Bangladesh.

World Health Organization (WHO) Bangladesh
The Constitution of WHO defines health "As a state of complete, physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity". WHO currently has 192 member states. WHO has been working in Bangladesh since 1972 under an agreement signed with the Government of Bangladesh (GoB). The objective of WHO is the attainment of highest possible level of health by all people.

The appearance of arsenic in ground water has posed as a public health hazard having a very significant impact on people’s live, health, social and economic activities in Bangladesh. In fact, the arsenic contamination of groundwater has created additional burden in the rural water supply management demanding water treatment and water quality surveillance. To cope up with the situation, a new innovative approach for ‘Arsenic Free Safe Water Supply’ has been initiated through Bangladesh Arsenic Mitigation Water Supply Project.


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